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Letter from the Principal

A message from Mrs. Pruitt, Principal.

Welcome to The Creek! I am very excited to serve as your principal this year. We have a wonderful school and a very supportive community. This is something that we should all be proud of and strive daily to maintain.
Our focus this year as a school will be continuing to motivate, support, and prepare you to reach your full potential. I want to challenge you as students to think about how you can work each day to help us keep that focus and reach our goals. Think beyond today and work to prepare for your next step in life. Push beyond the obstacles that might stand in your way. Move beyond the excuses as to why you can’t and focus on how you
can! We are a Community Reaching for Everyday Excellence through Kinship and we are glad you are here!

There are many opportunities that you face each day to make decisions. Please remember this: “with choices come consequences.” No matter what choice you make, there will be either good things or difficult things that follow. Making a good choice is always in your best interest.
Let’s all work hard this year to keep our campus clean. There are many adults who work in this building to make sure that you have a wonderful environment to enter each morning, so I am asking that you do your part to help keep it that way (pick up trash, clean up after yourself, help remind your peers to do the same).
We are going to have a great school year! I am excited to see all that we can accomplish as we work together!!