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All students are required to pay $10.00 to rent a lock in order to secure their locker. Students may choose their locker location based on their schedule. All lockers (assigned or otherwise) will be secured with a lock. Students who lose the lock assigned to them will be charged a replacement fee of $6.00. There will be no book bags, athletic bags, or large purses allowed in class. Any defacing of lockers will result in disciplinary action. The damaging of lockers is considered destruction of school property and will result in a penalty and payment for the damages. Defacing is denting, writing on, or affixing stickers, posters to lockers. Students should not bring bookbags, oversized bags, string bags, or athletic bags into classrooms. Students must use the locker assigned to them. All lockers are the property of the WCS and are subject to search at any time. Students are responsible for the items found in their locker. Do not share your combination with anyone else. Random locker checks can occur each semester.

NOTE: Students are highly encouraged to make use of the lockers located in the PE locker rooms in order to secure valuables during their PE classes ONLY. Lockers can be secured with a lock purchased by the student. These lockers are also the property of WCS and are subject to search at any time.