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Dress Codes

Daily Dress Code

In order to provide and preserve a safe and neutral learning environment without disruptions, students are required to dress in a professional manner conducive to learning and leadership. At WWHS, it is our mission to foster a learning environment in which we motivate, support, and prepare students to lead and succeed after high school whether they decide to enroll, enlist and/or employ, as most places of business, the military, and colleges require employees/students to abide by a dress code. School administration has the responsibility to deem student dress as appropriate. Revealing or provocative clothing should not be worn (examples include visible undergarments, sheer leggings, strapless tops and dresses, shirts and tank tops with straps less than three fingers wide, etc). Shirts and pants should meet at all times. Clothing that advertises or has inappropriate images, language, or may cause a disturbance due to the nature of the imagery or language should not be worn.

Formal Event Dress Code

The dress code applies to any and all “formal” events held at (or sponsored by) West Wilkes High School. Such events include the Mr./Miss West High Assembly, Homecoming Assembly, Prom, Beta Club Induction and Graduation.


● Semi-formal attire or formal gowns or pantsuits are permissible. Strapless tops/dresses and spaghetti straps will be permitted.

● At their shortest point, dresses will be no shorter than mid-thigh. This also applies to high leg splits in dresses. Splits should go no higher than mid-thigh. Dress must also be at the appropriate length, even if leggings are worn underneath the dress.

● Dress may not be extremely low-cut in the front or back. The front of the dress may have a modestly cut sweetheart neckline. (As a general rule, use an imaginary line from the armpit with a slight dip at mid-chest). The back of the dress must not fall below the level of waist/navel.

● No side or front midriff should be exposed. This can be judged by placing one’s arms down to their sides. If any skin is exposed on the front side of the body as the arms are placed at the sides, it is not compliant.

● No two-piece formal gowns or pants and top, where any of the midriff is showing.
● No dresses/suits with revealing cut-outs or see-through gowns (this includes sheer/mesh overlays that do not have opaque material underneath). Transparent sheer mesh or lace will be considered as an open area without any material covering.

● If dresses have detachable skirts which convert the dress to shorts/rompers, the long skirt must remain on during the event’s entirety.

● Fabric inserts must be sewn in, not pinned on the dress, if without the inserts, the dress is not compliant.
● May wear a tuxedo, suit or sport coat, but at a minimum, they are expected to wear semi-formal wear (slacks, dress shoes and a dress shirt with a tie).

● No denim pants

● Shirts must be worn at all times

● Ties may be removed, but the shirt must remain buttoned at least to mid-chest level. ● Pants can bag, but they cannot sag.

All Students:

● If the attire is questionable, students are encouraged to ask or bring pictures to faculty advisors or administrators BEFORE purchase to determine if it is appropriate for the event. The final determination of the appropriateness of student attire shall rest with the event’s faculty advisors and administration.

● Students and their dates/guests who are non-compliant with the dress code will not be admitted to the event or will be escorted out of the event. Students who do not meet dress code may leave the event.
● No refunds will be given for dress code infractions.

*If you realize that your choice does not meet these dress code requirements, we encourage you to make the necessary alterations to bring your choice into compliance, or purchase a different style. No exceptions will be made for previously purchased formal wear. See administrators if you need assistance with necessary alterations information.