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We realize that there are times when students have mediation that needs to be taken while at school. In order for us to administer this medicine, you will need to pick up a medication form from the office and have your physician complete it. Without this form on file, medication cannot and will not be administered. ALL medication must be kept under lock and key in the office.

All prescription and non-prescription medication shall be logged in the Medicine Log Booklet each time a student reports to the office to take the medication. The staff member administering the medication will put their initials under the date given.

Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, etc CANNOT be administered by anyone except the school nurse or MESH unit unless we have written permission on file from the parent/guardian AND the physician that the Tylenol, etc is provided by you and kept under lock and key in the office. Parents may come to school and personally give their student Tylenol, etc. No permission can be given by phone.

The school nurse and MESH unit have standing orders to give Tylenol or medications for allergic reactions when they are present, but no other school staff can give these medications without the parent/physician forms being completed and on file.