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Media Center

NEED HELP? Ask a librarian.

The media center’s goal is to support and prepare you to be successful in high school, in the workforce, and in life. I want to help you find and pursue your passions, whatever those may be. If you need help with research, citations, copyright, video or audio production, project ideas, questions about applications/software… don’t hesitate to ask. You can stop by anytime or email Ms. Leslie at [email protected].

Hours and Schedule

The media center will open each morning at 7:30 a.m. and close each afternoon no earlier than 3:45 p.m. Final checkouts should be made by 3:40 p.m.

The media center is open throughout the day for students to check out books, research, collaborate, design and produce projects, makerspace work, independent reading, and virtual class work.

When visiting the media center, please be cognizant of your volume, as there are classes working in the media center during every block of the school day.


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Media Center Expectations

*Sign in at the circulation desk when you enter the media center.


*Do not leave the media center without notifying the librarian/media specialist.


*Be Respectful - of the environment, of the furniture, and each other.

  1. Use low voices. There are students working in the library, so please keep your voices low.
  2. No food or drink in the library, other than water. If you need to eat a snack for health reasons, ask the media specialist where you can go to do so.
  3. Use furniture as intended by the manufacturer. No climbing, kicking, turning over, etc.
  4. Bullying and other disrespectful behavior toward classmates or others will not be tolerated.

Library Clubs

If you are interested in a broadcasting/video production club, book clubs, or joining the newspaper team, please see your Librarian/Media Specialist.


Students may ask Ms. Leslie or Ms. Brown for help with printing school related items. Students must restrict printing to a maximum of five pages for a school assignment.

Checking Out Books and Other Materials

Students may check out up to four leisure reading books at one time. Books may be checked out for three weeks before students will receive overdue notifications. You may not check out a book for leisure reading if you have two or more overdue/lost leisure reading books. Overdue/lost books from your primary school, or required class readings, do not factor into this number. 

If the overdue books are lost, you may replace the title with a comparable book or pay the charge for the lost/damaged book. Please see the section on “Lost or Damaged Items” for more information. Once the book has been compensated for, it will be removed from your account.

For other checkout limits and restrictions, please see your librarian/media specialist.


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Lost or Damaged Items

Students who have lost or misplaced a book will be responsible for paying for the book before they may purchase prom tickets, a parking pass for the consecutive year, or walk at graduation from West Wilkes High School.

Students are given a list of books not returned to the media center prior to the end of the

school year.

Sometimes books are damaged while checked out by students. Damaged books should be returned to the media center for repair. If the books cannot be repaired, the student will be charged a replacement cost for the item. The charge for a book that is lost, or damaged beyond repair, is the price the school paid, or the retail value, of the book.

Students may also choose to replace a lost or damaged book with a comparable book. The replacement must be a new, not used, item and of the same title, author, and format (paperback, hardcover, DVD, etc.) as the lost/damaged book. Sometimes, this option may be more inexpensive than paying the retail value of the item.


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Returning Books and Materials

Patrons may return books and other materials at any time by placing them in the book depository to the left of the media center doors. There is no fine charged for overdue books. However, the charge for a book that is lost or damaged beyond repair is the price the school paid, or retail price, of that book.

Sometimes students move away during the school year. Students should try to return all library books to the media center before leaving. If this is not possible, students can return their library books by mail.


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