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Student Parking

Students who drive to school are allowed to park in the student parking lot only. To park on campus requires a parking permit. The parking fee for 2021-2022 is $40. The fee for permits purchased during the 2nd semester of the school year is $20.

All fees must be paid before purchasing a parking permit. (If a student owes fees, he/she may pay those at the time of purchasing a permit or must provide a receipt for the fee in question).

● Parking permits must be placed hanging from the rear-view mirror and must be displayed (numbered side out) at all times when the vehicle is parked on school grounds.

● Vehicles should have keys removed and should remain locked at all times while parked on school grounds.

● Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA in order to maintain a parking pass (See WCS Board Policy 6325).
● A student must not lend, borrow and/or sell a permit.

● Students found with drugs, alcohol, or weapons in their vehicle will lose permission to park on campus and the parking pass will be revoked.

● Students must park in their assigned parking space while on campus.

Violations include, but are not limited to:

● Parking in an unauthorized area (handicapped spot, fire lane, no parking area, unmarked parking spaces, etc).

● Parking in any other location besides the spot you have been assigned.

● Failure to display parking tag from rearview mirror (in plain sight, numbered side out).
● Parking on campus without a valid parking tag.

● Loaning a parking tag to another person/attempting to use someone else’s parking tag.
● Careless or reckless driving on campus (including spinning tires).

● Exceeding 10 mph on campus.

● Returning to the parking lot without permission from the front office.

● Refusal to obey traffic laws and teachers or parking attendants.

● Chronic Tardiness

● Sitting in a vehicle

Any student who loses their driving privileges and continues to drive is subject to having their vehicle towed without warning and at their own expense. West Wilkes High School/Wilkes County Schools is not responsible for the costs associated with towing and/or any damages to the vehicle during the towing process.